Building a door can be a labor of love or just plain labor if it is to be just a utility door. A utility door is constructed to perform the simple task of keeping people in or out or somewhere. Beauty is of no concern. An architectural door on the other hand could range from a hand hammered copper finish to solid Brazilian mahogany finely carved door to a plain faced solid oak panel door. All require a great deal more labor to build than a utility door.

Reflecting on a building material to be use is important. One needs to figure out which construction material to use and whether it would result to a strong, sturdy and durable storage shed door. Wood, steel, galvanized iron sheets, and plywood can be good materials in building storage shed door.

The next thing one should do is to make out a plan for your storage door. Make a sketch or a draft of how your door should look like.

Find out the exact measurements of your door. Make mental notes of how long and how wide it is in building your storage shed door. When you are done in measuring the length and the width, you need to know how thick your door will be.

After you are through with the drafting and sketching, you will now make a list of your door building materials. Your list should include your basic material such as: wood, if your door will be made of wood or metal sheet if your door will be made out of metal sheet or galvanized iron sheet, some nails, hinges, wood glue, a door knob, wood sticks for door framing and some plywood for the covering finish, and, of course your ready carpentry tools.

The next thing in building a storage shed door is to make the door frame. With those exact measurements noted in your sketch and your draft, you can now start making the basic door frame based on your accurate and precise dimension. The cutting and the sawing of wooden sticks based on the length, width and thickness can be your guide in connecting, attaching and bonding wood sticks with glue and secure, knock and hit them together with a nail and a hammer. Until, the desired basic door frame is already form and constructed. Once, the framework is already done and fully secured with nails and glue, a plywood covering is required.

The plywood should be sawed according to the length and width to cover the finished door frame. Once it is cut to a desired dimension, it would soon be attached to the door frame to cover the whole framework. Sanding the plywood with sandpaper to a good buff and rub is required to produce a smooth and silky storage shed door. Wood staining, finishing, varnishing and painting would finish the whole set up. It would then be attached to the storage shed with good, sturdy, strong and durable hinges. A durable door knob would soon be installed and the fitting and refitting of the door to the storage shed will take place. Those were the tips in building a strong, permanent and heavy-duty storage shed door.