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Bifold doors are growing in popularity day by day in the Canada, but with so many other door options on the market, every homeowner has a big choice to make when choosing new exterior doors for their property. Bifold doors can make a wonderful investment over French doors or traditional sliding, but ultimately you need to figure out whether they’re right for your property and your individual needs.

So, are bifold doors a good idea for your home? Let’s take a looking at the vast range of sliding folding door advantages.


  1. You Can Blend Your Outdoor and Indoor Space

One of the biggest benefits of exterior bifold doors is that they help to remove the barrier between your garden and your indoor space. When closed, the huge expanse of glass provides you with a wonderful view of the outdoors, and when open, a huge aperture is created to perfectly blend outside and in.

Garden parties, outdoor dining, barbecues, and any other spring and summer activity is enhanced when the barrier between your home and garden is removed.


  1. Bifold Doors Allow You to Incorporate More Natural Light into Your Home

Opening up a huge aperture with glass doors is a brilliant way to incorporate more natural light into your home. For small, dim spaces, the addition of bifold doors can do wonders for the brightness and general atmosphere of the room.

Plus, if you opt for aluminium bifold doors which tend to have very slim frames, you can minimise the amount of shadow cast by the frames.


  1. They Take Up Little Space Around the Entrance way

When considering bifold doors or French doors, an important factor to consider is the space around the door. French doors require a large amount of room around them in order for them to be fully opened.

Meanwhile, bifold doors fold back in a concertina effect in order that they only take up a very small amount of space when opened. For compact living areas or small gardens, this is a huge benefit.


  1. You’ll Have More Flexible Opening Options

With bifold doors, you can opt to open up the whole aperture or just part of it. Plus, you can choose to include an access door which means you can simply open one leaf of the door whenever you need quick, easy access.

Compared to normal sliding doors, in which only half of the aperture opens up, bifold doors provide far more flexibility.

  1. They Provide Seamless Operation

Modern bifold doors are designed with superior running systems which allow the doors to slide and fold open seamlessly without sticking or requiring lots of force.

High quality bifold doors also often feature child-safe features to prevent little fingers getting trapped between leaves when the doors are folded open. This makes bifold doors a smart option for families with young kids or adults with restricted mobility because they open and close incredibly easily.


  1. You Can Choose for Them to Open Inside or Out

If you have a particularly small or awkward shaped room, you can choose to have your bi-fold doors open on the outside of your home rather than the inside. This means that they won’t encroach on your indoor space at all while open.


  1. You Can Include an Access Door for Easy in and Out

When considering pros and cons of bifold doors, many think that they can be tome-consuming to open and close when you only require quick access. However, if you opt to include an access door, you don’t have this problem to worry about.

Access doors are built into the bifold door frame and work just like contemporary doors, with a regular level handle. However, they can also slide and fold when you do want to open up the entire aperture.


  1. You can create a modern, stylish look

Nothing compares to the sleek and incredibly stylish look of bifold doors. For one, the ability to create a wide aperture with an almost seamless view of the outdoor space is a huge benefit. Secondly, bifold doors simply have a chic, minimal look which is very popular for modern homes.

Installing bifold doors is a great way of modernising older properties, while the contemporary appearance of newer homes is only enhanced by bifold doors.


  1. You Can Tailor Bifold Doors to Suit Your Personal Style

Aluminium bifold doors offer a huge amount choice when it comes to style, often more than timber or uPVC French or sliding door frames. The aluminium is always finished with a powder coating which improves its durability and provides a sleek, stylish finish.

With hundreds of colours of powder coating to choose from, including wood grain effects for a more traditional look, it’s really easy to customise your bifold doors to suit the style of your property. You could even opt for one colour on the outside of the frame and a different one on the inside to complement your interior décor.


  1. You Can Enjoy Superior Security

Bifold doors have locking mechanisms spread out across various different points on the sliding track on which they run. That means they can be far more secure than French doors or traditional sliding doors which tend to have just one locking point.

If security is important when you’re considering French vs sliding vs bifold doors, this is an important factor to bear in mind.

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