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In the past few years sliding glass doors have become a popular trend in modern home décor. Installing sliding patio doors in place of a regular door is a tough decision. But if you are looking at upgrading your patio door, here are a few things you should know about sliding glass doors:

Pros of Sliding Patio Doors

Here are some of the many advantages you can benefit from with sliding glass patio doors Phoenix:

  1. Bright and Open

These wide open glass doors not only give you a great view, but let in immense amounts of light. This gives an illusion of more space without adding any square footage to your home.

  1. Simple Operation

High quality sliding patio doors should operate smoothly and quietly. You simply slide the operable pane over the fixed pane. And regular maintenance should keep those patio doors in great working order for years to come.

  1. Operate with Less Space

One thing most homeowners love about sliding doors is they do not require any additional space. Inswing or outswing doors require extra room to operate. In some cases outdoor furniture can obstruct the entryway for these types of doors. But with sliding doors you don’t have to worry about that.

  1. Clean Style

The façade of sliding patio doors is very neat and streamlined. The linear look is very modern and does not disrupt the flow of frames and boxes. So if you are looking for a more contemporary style, consider installing sliding glass patio doors.

  1. Energy Efficiency

While not the most energy efficient patio door on the market, when latched these doors can create a good seal against the elements. To make sure you are choosing the most energy efficient options, make sure you read the NFRC labels and choose doors with double pane glass and argon gas fills. You can also choose low-e glass to protect your home against the Mesa, AZ heat.

Cons of Sliding Patio Doors

While there are many benefits of sliding glass doors, there are some disadvantages as well. Some of the cons are:

  1. Only Half Open

While these doors do not require as much space for swing, they only open half way. So if you do need a larger opening you will want to try French or Accordion-style patio doors.

  1. Extreme Storms

These doors do not hold up well in areas that experience extreme weather conditions. Frosts, high winds, and severe storms can cause these doors to leak. Luckily Mesa, AZ is moderate and all you really need to worry about is the heat.

  1. Maintenance

These doors are not super easy to maintain. In fact, the process can be time consuming, especially if you need to replace any parts. If you ever have any issues with your sliding patio door you should contact a professional for help.

  1. Security

While these doors do have locks and latches, they are not as strong as the latches and bolts on standard doors. You can place a rod or board in the track if you worry about break-ins to help improve the security.

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